About DataMech

When I reflect on my years of work with computer, I realize that what really interests me is the transformation of data in a generic and general manner. This is what this site is going to be about.

I have no plans to dig up my old work. They are mostly for pre-Mac OSX so they wouldn't run anyway.

I have been a desktop programmer all my life. I was aware of but never did web programming until a few weeks ago. It turns out that my beginner's exercise has become an interesting project. This will be the first topic in this site: the transformation between XML data and HTML form. The second topic is conversion between binary data and XML.

My son, who is in 9th grade college, wants to do his own stuff. He has done some interesting work in Python. Here is his page.

Ed Lai

My political views

Suppose there is a mouse problem that the government has to deal with using mousetrap. If the mousetrap does not work, the Republicans would say there is no mouse problem (unless it is tied with national or homeland security) and want to cut it from the budget. The Democrats want to buy more if something is defective. That is why I cannot be a Republican or Democrat. I believe in building a better mousetrap.