This page has been intentionally left boring.

Recent/Ongoing Projects

Pacman CTF replays for CS188

A canvas-based replay viewer for tournament matches from the CS188 Pacman capture-the-flag AI tournament. As of Spring 2011, it is now integrated directly into the official tournament page.

The Smart Ball

My project at Operation Catapult 2008 Session I in group 15 with Jimmy, Katy, and Meredith to make a really awesome "smart car" that used a hamster ball instead of wheels.


Python bindings for the ShivaVG implementation of the OpenVG standard for hardware-accelerated vector graphics. Unrelated to a parallel project also called PyOpenVG in the libromel project.

Old Projects

An Alternative Traceback Method for Nussinov's RNA Folding Algorithm

A more formal write-up of my project with Gautum Ashok at COSMOS UCI 2006 on Nussinov's algorithm and planar RNA folding. Also with pretty pictures and diagrams that are much better than the ones I made in paint for my original presentation.

Try Python/The Online Python REPL

My version of Try Python is still up, but a bit outdated. It's still up for historical purposes but there are better ways of accomplishing the same thing now.

Polynomial Evaluator

I made this back in 8th grade because it can get pretty boring to expand and multiply polynomials at times (and unlike most people, I had a computer with Python instead of a graphing calculator with BASIC.)